The Importance of Baby Teeth

The Importance of Baby Teeth

Feb 05, 2020

It is a common misconception that the first set of teeth is less important than the second. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While they are temporary, they do serve essential functions. Yet, many parents inaccurately view them as just baby teeth. As a result, they may neglect seeking dental care for their young children. 


Granted, these teeth are only in place for a few years. But they must remain intact and healthy during this time. In fact, your child’s oral health depends on proper dental hygiene as much now as in any other time of life.


Proper Care of Baby Teeth


Like adult teeth, the primary set is also susceptible to problems such as decay, cavities, and damage. Therefore, proper hygiene every day and routine checkups are a must. Without dental care, your child may experience pain, discomfort, and premature tooth loss.


Furthermore, baby teeth also help with speech development. The ability to pronounce letters correctly and speak clearly would be difficult without them. In addition, eating solid foods can also be challenging without chewing ability. Improperly chewed food can ultimately affect their digestive tract.


Primary Teeth Pave the Way for Adult Teeth


You can also think of your child’s baby teeth as placeholders for their permanent teeth. If the first teeth are missing or lost prematurely, there is no path for the permanent teeth to follow. This can cause alignment and spacing issues, as well. What’s more, if the baby teeth develop decay, this can travel down to the underlying adult set.


Most importantly, this is the time to teach your child the proper techniques, such as brushing and flossing. So, by the time the adult teeth erupt, a solid foundation will already be formed. Early learning and intervention are the keys to lifelong oral health.


Pediatric Care at LUV Pediatric Dentistry


Regular dental visits will save you money on expensive restorative procedures over the long run. Moreover, it can prevent your child from pain from the various issues that can arise from poor dental hygiene. Contact LUV Pediatric Dentistry in Sunrise, FL, today to learn more about the importance of early dental care.

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