Dental Crowns in Sunrise, FL

A dental crown is a basic procedure done to restore a damaged tooth. The crown replaces the exposed part of the tooth so the recipient can eat and chew like normal. At LUV Pediatric Dentistry, we offer high-quality dental crowns to children, teenagers, and young adults.

What Is a Crown?

A dental crown is a cap for a damaged tooth. It mimics the shape of the natural cusp and provides a new biting and chewing surface so the recipient can engage in regular activities. Each crown we apply is custom made at our office and designed to be a perfect match for the patient’s smile.

Receiving a crown takes two visits since our dentist first needs to shape and restore the damaged tooth. A mold is then made and sent to our lab, which creates a custom crown that will fit perfectly on the tooth.

In the meantime, our dentist will apply a temporary crown so you can use your teeth like normal. You then return after two weeks for final crown placement.

How Long Does a Crown Last?

The lifespan of a dental crown depends on how well you or your child takes care of it. On average, the material we use is meant to survive for up to 20 years before any replacement is necessary.

To improve the longevity of a crown, it is important to maintain proper oral hygiene. This means the recipient should brush and floss twice a day and avoid doing the following:

  • Brushing too hard with a toothbrush
  • Chewing on ice cubes, pencils, or bottle caps
  • Consuming hard foods like nuts

What Is the Crown Made Of?

Many of our younger patients worry that the crown they wear will be noticeable. However, the majority of crowns are made of porcelain or composite resin. These materials match the natural shade of the teeth and are almost impossible to distinguish from regular dental enamel. This means you or your child will receive a seamless smile even after it has been damaged.

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