Dental Bonding in Sunrise, FL 

Do you or your child have one or more teeth that are chipped, cracked, or discolored? Do you want to make corrections to those minor smile imperfections with the help of cosmetic and pediatric dentistry from a dentist near you with the convenience of a single appointment? If so, the team at LUV Pediatric Dentistry can help you and your child at the same time with the help of dental bonding in Sunrise, FL.

How Dental Bonding Can Help in Adult Smiles

Dental bonding near you is a procedure that’s used on patients of all ages to correct minor smile imperfections in a more cost-effective and less invasive way than dental veneers. In addition to correcting the concerns already mentioned, dental bonding from our dentist and her team can also modify the shape and spacing of your teeth to give you a smile that is more even in its appearance. And although dental veneers from LUV Pediatric Dentistry can also provide similar results, our patients especially appreciate dental bonding as an alternative treatment because of its quick treatment time.

How Dental Bonding Can Help in Adolescent Smiles

Because our dental care team is specially trained in pediatric dentistry, we’re prepared to repair and restore the smiles of adolescents who’ve undergone trauma to their teeth from a playground or a sports field injury. In many cases, this includes dental bonding as a quick fix to help your child get back to their normal activities with as little downtime as possible. And because we’re committed to helping you and your family preserve their natural teeth for a lifetime, we’ll make sure that your child’s tooth receives the preventive dental care it needs to achieve that goal.

Dental Bonding is Durable

One of the things our patients appreciate most about dental bonding is its durability. Even though the treatment time takes less than an hour, the results will last up to 10 years. That makes dental bonding from our dentist in Sunrise, FL, a perfect long-term solution for patients of all ages looking for a quick – yet durable – way to repair and restore their smiles.

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