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Seeing your child in pain can be heartbreaking for you and frightening for your child. If one of your children has toothache pain or falls and damages a tooth, you don’t need to wait until the next day to see your regular dentist. Our practice, LUV Pediatric Dentistry in Sunrise, FL, offers emergency dentistry for young patients, from babies up to young adults.

What is a Dental Emergency?

It’s important to recognize a dental emergency so that you know when to seek treatment with an emergency dentist. If your child has an accident, such as falling from their bicycle or falling down some steps, and they have a bleeding tooth, then you should take them to see an emergency dentist. The tooth needs to be examined to check for structural damage, chips, or cracks.

Broken Teeth

If a fall or hit during a sporting event dislodges or breaks a tooth, then that constitutes an emergency as well. If the tooth comes out and you can find the broken piece or the whole tooth, gently wipe it off with a damp cloth or gauze and put it in some milk until you can get to LUV Pediatric Dentistry in Sunrise, FL. In many cases, if the tooth is available, then the dentist may be able to save it.

If the crown of a tooth breaks off at the root, then the emergency dentist may need to do a root canal or extract the tooth. Usually, they will opt for a root canal to try to save the tooth. However, a severe break may call for an extraction, which the dentist will do when you take your child to see them.


The infection of a tooth can cause severe pain, which is a great reason to visit our pediatric dentist during emergency hours. An infection can spread to the bloodstream and damage the vital organs. Usually, an infected tooth will prompt our dentist to write a prescription for antibiotics and then recommend that you take your child to see their regular dentist for further treatment.

An emergency dentist will treat your child’s emergent tooth problems and recommend visiting your dentist to follow-up with the treatment. If you have a dental emergency involving your child, visit us at LUV Pediatric Dentistry in Sunrise, FL, for the best treatment in the city.

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