LUV Pediatric Dentistry was established to address the special needs that children have when it comes to their oral health. Not only do we aim to give positive dental experiences, but we also provide children with a loving and caring atmosphere that makes them look forward to each visit!

Our office is a brand new state of the art, modern facility with the latest technology. We focused on making the theme very colorful and kid friendly and our patients always rave about the happy environment we have created. We iPads and games in the lobby for kids to play and have a good time the minute they step into the office. Our office also provides private treatment suites for every family to enable our patients to have privacy during their treatment and one on one time to connect with the doctor. We have TVs in each room to keep patients entertained, and also TVs in the ceiling so they can continue watching their shows during treatment.

What sets us apart? We genuinely love what we do and our patients feel it! Thank you so much for your kind reviews! We take feedback very seriously and strive to make every patient experience memorable. Our staff is very bubbly and friendly. We go above and beyond to make sure each patients experience is fun, positive and stressfree. We offer weekend and evening appointments so we can cater to busy, working families. We have 5 star ratings on google and facebook.

We LOVE babies at LUV Pediatric Dentistry! Establishing with a pediatric dental specialist by the first birthday or upon eruption of the first tooth is the best way to start on the path to excellent dental health for your baby! At LUV Pediatric Dentistry we offer complimentary Well Baby Visits for new patients under the age of two!

Well baby visits are a great way to introduce you and your baby to the pediatric dental experience!

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