Functions of Emergency Dentists and When Do You Need One?

Functions of Emergency Dentists and When Do You Need One?

Mar 01, 2020

Tooth complications must not arise during your dentist’s office hours. Emergency dentists are needed for urgent dental care in an unexpected situation.

When a dental disaster strikes, the immediate reflex is a quick first aid to ease the relief. In some cases, your teeth might be too compromised to be saved by regular first aid. It is at this instance that you need urgent dental care from an emergency dentist.

If you take damage to your teeth, for instance, due to impacts and trauma, it’s crucial to look for a dentist who’s willing to offer emergency services. They come with more benefits than you might think, compared to waiting till the dental clinic opens. Discussed below are some of the roles emergency dentists play.

You Might Not Know the Severity of the Situation

In the case of a dental emergency, you are aware that action has to be taken, but do you know how severe the damage is? Things might look bad, but can actually be worse than they seem. It’s only possible to know this by contacting a walk-in dentist for immediate diagnosis.

Seeking assistance at LUV Pediatric Dentistry earlier means chances of countering the damage are higher. Even if the treatment might not be immediate, they will give directions on what to do as you prepare for further treatment.

Emergency Dentists Might Save Your Tooth

You can take impacts that are likely to dislodge and significantly loosen your tooth. Seeking emergency dental services instantly raises the odds of your tooth being salvageable. Your healthcare provider gives professional first aid and gives you tips on how to care for the tooth before treatment. Your tooth will successfully be restored with the right dental care.

Pain Is Instantly Taken Away

Oral pain caused by an underlying condition or immediate trauma can be rather distressing. While toothaches are easily treatable with local drugs from the store, they don’t always work. This means further delay intensifies the pain hence need dental services. An emergency dentist analyzes the pain and provides a necessary treatment that immediately gives you oral relief.

They Prevent Risks of Further Problems

Most oral problems might not be life-threatening, but if left untreated can lead to severe infections and complications. The odds are that your damaged tooth will develop complications likely to result in an infection. Damaged teeth are highly susceptible to form abscesses along the tooth root, which increases chances for gum infection.

You, therefore, need not ignore any inflammations or tooth pains. They could be indicators of a much more serious condition. Immediately consult an emergency dentist for instant action.

They Save You Unnecessary Worry

It is easy to overthink an emergency dental condition, especially when there is bleeding. Imagining of how worse the situation could be might even worse it in real life, or cause you to make irrational decisions that could put your teeth at more risk.

If you call in an emergency dental care provider, they give you reassurance, and you won’t have to worry as much. Your dentist even gives you the healing duration, so you are sure of getting better.

Does Chipped/Fractured Tooth Prompt Urgent Dental Care?

To many, chipped teeth don’t seem like a dire dental emergency though it critically leaves your tooth vulnerable to further damage. A fractured tooth is weak and can easily break. Even the slightest chippings open up the enamel exposing your tooth to decay and tooth root damage.

The best action you can take is to immediately contact an emergency dentist if you notice a chipped tooth. You will get a filling or dental prostheses such as a veneer or dental crown to cover the damage and preserve your tooth. Waiting risks losing the tooth to decay or more damage.

Do Loose Dental Devices and Fillings Demand Emergency Dental Services?

Losing a tooth filling or crown leaves your tooth more vulnerable to damage and highly susceptible to more decay. If unattended to, your tooth keeps decaying and can cause additional infections such as periodontitis, abscess, and even tooth loss.

If you notice a missing filling, immediately have your tooth checked out by our emergency care dentists. They give a longer-lasting repair with natural aesthetics, which leaves your tooth even stronger and better looking than it initially was.

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