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Getting into the habit of having routine dental exams and cleanings should start for kids around one year of age or at the time their first tooth erupts, which is about six months old. At LUV Pediatric Dentistry, we have a child-friendly office in Sunrise, FL, that knows how to treat kids and help them relax during their dental exams.

What Happens During the First Dental Visit

Most dental visits for babies and toddlers will be quick, especially during your child’s first visit. The dentist will introduce herself to your child to help them get to know each other. Then, our dentist will begin examining the teeth they have and their gums.

She is looking at the condition of the teeth and gums, as well as their developing bite. By doing these early exams, our pediatric dentist may be able to catch malocclusions before they fully develop and successfully treat them at a young age.

Cleaning Your Child’s Teeth

As children get a little older, our dentist at LUV Pediatric Dentistry will introduce your child to teeth cleaning. As she examines their teeth, the doctor may have you hold your child as she examines or cleans their teeth. Instead of trying to fit adult-size dental tools in a tiny mouth, pediatric dental tools are small so that they easily fit into children’s mouths.

During the cleaning, if there is a stain on a tooth or decay is forming, our dentist near you in Sunrise may recommend a fluoride treatment to ward off tooth decay. The most common form of fluoride for small children is fluoride varnish that she can brush on at the site of the decay.

Parental Oral Habits Education

Part of a dentist’s job is to educate their patients about good oral habits. So, our dentist may make suggestions about how to start brushing your child’s teeth, recommend a toothpaste, or demonstrate how much of it should be on their toothbrush. Kids should also learn to floss when their teeth start to fit close together, which is between the ages of two to six years old.

Our pediatric dentist at LUV Pediatric Dentistry in Sunrise, FL, is good with children and great at ensuring they have healthy, well-cared-for teeth.

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