Fluoride Treatment in Sunrise, FL

With the use of fluoride toothpaste or mouth rinses, most people, especially children, do not need additional fluoride protection for their teeth. However, if your community doesn’t have fluoride in the water or not enough of it, then a fluoride treatment for your child’s teeth may be necessary to keep them healthy.

How Does Fluoride Protect Teeth?

Fluoride is derived from the mineral fluorine, which is one of the most abundant elements on Earth. It is present in the soil, plant life, and water sources. It acts to re-mineralize tooth enamel that erodes when decay-causing bacteria eat away at it. If our dentist at LUV Pediatric Dentistry notices decay on your child’s teeth, then she may recommend treating them with fluoride.

Types of Fluoride Treatments

Our pediatric dentist in Sunrise, FL, has a choice between two different fluorides to recommend for protecting kids’ teeth: sodium fluoride or acidulated fluoride treatments. These are available as topical treatments in the form of:

  • Varnishes
  • Gels
  • Foams

Our dentist at LUV Pediatric Dentistry in Sunrise, FL, covers the teeth with the treatment after cleaning them so that it isn’t removed after applying it to your child’s teeth and gums. Fluoride also helps keep gums healthy by fighting the effects of gingivitis that may be present.

As a supplement, fluoride is available in a chewable tablet that the dentist will prescribe for your kids. Dentists may prescribe supplements for children from six months to 16 years old. Sodium fluoride is the most commonly used type for treatments because acidulated fluoride can etch the enamel on natural teeth or dental prosthetics.

Is Fluoride Safe for Kids?

There is some controversy about the safety of fluoride added to community water supplies. However, since it comes from a natural element, you probably ingest more of it than you know when you eat plant-based foods and drink water. As long as you watch the amount of fluoride that you give small children, then it is a safe preventive for keeping teeth healthy.

If you have questions about the safety of fluoride for your kids or about our other procedures at LUV Pediatric Dentistry in Sunrise, FL, feel free to schedule a consultation with our pediatric dentist.

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