What Are the Most Commonly Asked Questions about a Smile Makeover?

What Are the Most Commonly Asked Questions about a Smile Makeover?

Oct 01, 2020

Are you thinking about getting a smile makeover to improve imperfections with your teeth? Present-day dental innovations allow you many choices to enhance your smile. If you haven’t seen a dentist for quite some time, you may want to schedule an appointment with one to understand the various dental options available for this purpose.

Many people think the only time they must visit a dental professional is to seek emergency dentistry treatments. However, dramatic changes in dental technology have ensured the situation is not similar anymore. Innovations in dentistry help you improve your smile to make a trip to the dentist inevitable for cosmetic reasons.

Do You Need Cosmetic or Restorative Treatments?

When considering a smile makeover, you need to determine whether you need merely cosmetic dental procedures or require restorative treatments. You must understand cosmetic treatments include procedures performed with the sole aim of improving your teeth’s appearance. Therapeutic strategies improve your overall oral health and may have teeth replacement solutions like dental implants. Therefore you must determine whether you can satisfy your requirements with cosmetic and restorative procedures or need a combination of both.

The Common Questions of Smile Makeovers

The types of smiles are different, and everyone will have various questions in their mind when considering a smile makeover. The optimal method to receive answers needed by people is to schedule an appointment with their dentist because it allows them to make an informed decision. Mentioned below are the common questions dentists often answer about smile makeovers.

Who Is Eligible for a Smile Makeover?

You can consider yourself an eligible candidate for a smile makeover if you are in good overall health because many procedures are unsuitable for people with dental issues or other medical conditions.

Can Smile Makeovers Fix Crooked Teeth?

Yes, they undoubtedly can. Smile makeover procedures with dental veneers can fix minor problems with crooked teeth. However, if your issue is complicated, you will require treatment from an orthodontist to straighten your teeth.

How Much Time Is Needed to Get a Smile Makeover?

The time required to get a smile makeover depends on the treatments you need for the improvements. Some procedures, like dental bonding, are accomplished in a single visit, but others may need two or three trips to improve their smile.

Can You Undergo Multiple Procedures during One Appointment?

Yes, it is indeed possible to undergo multiple procedures during one appointment at the dentist’s office. In reality, cosmetic dentistry professionals are routinely performing more than one dental procedure for patients who need them.

Which Smile Makeover Procedure Is the Best Available?

The answer to the above question will depend on your requirements and not the various treatments available from cosmetic dentistry. For example, you cannot have teeth whitening treatments on missing teeth or dental veneers if you are affected by tooth decay and gum disease. Therefore a discussion with your dentist is perhaps the best method to determine which smile makeover procedure best suits your unique situation.

Teeth whitening procedures, although incredibly popular, may not be suitable for you if you have dental restorations like crowns, veneers, and tooth-colored fillings. The restorations are stain-resistant and do not react to whitening treatments. Therefore before deciding on any procedure, it will help if you discussed your requirements with an experienced cosmetic dentist for appropriate guidance.

Can Smile Makeover Procedures Be Reversed?

Before you decide on a smile makeover, you must bear in mind some smile makeover procedures are irreversible. Some systems like teeth whitening reverse by themselves if you continue having pigmented foods and smoking, both of which can discolor your teeth. Teeth whitening is a simple breaching procedure that is not permanent. Left by themselves, your teeth accumulate discoloration without extra efforts on your part.

Some smile makeover procedures like dental veneers and crowns require removing your tooth structure, making it an irreversible process. It is why it is incredibly essential for you to comprehensively discuss your options with an experienced cosmetic dentist because it allows you to understand the whole process entirely.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are unlike visiting a salon to look better for the day of the evening. The methods must not merely be thought of as superficial because they can have a significant impact on your smile as well as your oral and overall health. You must carefully consider the questions in this article and discuss them with your cosmetic dentist before you decide to have any treatment for improving your smile.

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