Crowns or Fillings Which One Would You Prefer to Get?

Crowns or Fillings Which One Would You Prefer to Get?

Dec 01, 2020

When you have decay in your teeth, you undoubtedly visit your dentist to understand how the issue is best managed. The dentist evaluates your tooth to determine whether the decline is extensive or minor. You cannot visit your dentist’s office with a predetermined conclusion; you must get crowns of fillings. Both are undoubtedly excellent options for restoring damaged and decayed teeth. However, the decision is best left to the dentist’s discretion, an experienced professional, and will guide you correctly.

When Do You Need Dental Fillings?

Tooth fillings are excellent when you don’t have any cracks in the teeth. Cracked teeth are not suitable for tooth fillings because fillers rely on the strength of the tooth to function appropriately. The role of the filling is to repair and replace the tooth structure damaged by decay.

Minor cavities are tiny, and the repairs are usually not significant. In such cases, tooth fillings are the best options for restoring the tooth.

When Are Dental Crowns Useful?

If you have a cracked tooth in your mouth with extensive damages, a filling does not prove adequate to restore the tooth. You may have damaged the tooth in an accident, extensive decay with repeated procedures, or root canal therapy, which would have rendered the tooth fragile. These conditions make a tooth weak and unable to sustain the pressures of everyday life. In such cases, the dentist recommends a tooth crown as a better option because it encases the entire tooth until the gum line.

A tooth crown adds strength and stability to the tooth without affecting its appearance. The crown can prevent your tooth from cracking or weakening and make it possible for you to avoid the need to have dental implants or breaches.

Which of the Two Options Are Better?

The specific decay or injury affecting your mouth will determine whether you can have tooth fillings or need tooth crowns. You must consult with your dentist to understand the extent of the damage and to let them decide which option is best suited for your specific needs.

It would help if you also considered the cost factors involved in getting either of these options. Tooth fillings are available at affordable prices and only require one visit to the dentist’s office for placement. On the other hand, dental crowns are expensive and need you to schedule multiple appointments with your dentist to undergo an intensive procedure. Therefore it would be best to understand the pros and cons of getting fillings or crowns on your teeth after discussing the matter with your dentist.

How Do Crowns and Fillings Affect Your Dental Health?

Crowns and fillings are both restorative solutions developed to enhance your dental health, which would have been affected by injuries, decay, or infections. You may think a tooth cavity is a minor issue and doesn’t require any treatment. However, suppose you stop for a moment and wonder whether the bacteria in your tooth is satisfied only by creating a tiny cavity. In that case, we are confident you will begin thinking differently. The tooth bacteria will continue to drill your tooth until it reaches the tooth root to bring you the need to undergo root canal therapy.

Now consider these realities. If you attended to the cavity in the initial stages and had it filled, the need for root canal treatment wouldn’t have arisen, nor would have the need for a tooth crown. After letting the cavity aggravate and deepen to require intensive treatment, you are left with no option but to have a tooth crown over the treated tooth.

Tooth crowns or fillings do not affect your dental health in any way but can undoubtedly cause you some financial hardships. Getting a tooth filling requires one visit to your dentist and is finished in approximately an hour. Getting dental crowns requires two trips, and the procedure is just as intensive as having your tooth replaced. Dental crowns cost you in the region of approximately $ 1500-$ 2500, while a filling is available at only a fraction of the cost. You must exercise a degree of caution when deciding whether you want to have crowns or fillings. Get a fill in time, and you may prevent the need for a crown. Try to do it the other way around, and you are in for substantial financial hardships. Therefore make an informed decision after consulting your dentist.

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