Cosmetic Dentistry for Children: Which Types Are Suitable for Them

Cosmetic Dentistry for Children: Which Types Are Suitable for Them

Mar 01, 2021

Do you want your little one to have excellent -looking teeth? Maintaining appropriate dental hygiene is not always possible with young children. Unfortunately, it is also a cause for tooth decay and cavities, a chronic problem among children resulting in tooth loss.

Young children are playful and can get into accidents to break or crack a tooth. As the foods and beverages they have are varied and can also stain their teeth over time. Whatever the issue, it is never too early to visit children’s cosmetic dentistry.

When you consider visiting a children’s cosmetic dentist with your child, you must aim to work with an experienced dentist who evaluates your child’s mouth before recommending an appropriate dental procedure for the child. There is no reason for you to believe cosmetic dentistry is merely designed for adults. Many dentists are specializing in cosmetic dentistry for children. However, children receive minimally invasive procedures to address the dental issues affecting them before adulthood. You can discuss your options with your dental provider to understand the types of cosmetic dentistry options available for your child.

Understanding Children’s Cosmetic Dentistry

Children’s teeth are still in the developmental stages. Therefore it is incredibly essential for you to know your options before considering taking your child for any treatment. You must work closely with the cosmetic dentist to ensure that your child is indeed a candidate and can benefit from cosmetic dentistry options. When you succeed in doing so, you can determine how to proceed. Several minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry options for children are available from dentists to deal with various dental issues. They are:

Dental Bonding.

Children can also benefit from dental bonding just like adults. Dentists can repair decayed teeth while restoring their natural color, shape, and feel.

Dental Flipper.

Dental flippers are useful for children who experience tooth trauma or decay. Children are not recommended dental implants before the age of 18. Therefore a flipper is an ideal solution to use as a dental appliance. A dental flipper is similar in appearance to a natural tooth and provides children the confidence they need while growing.

No-Prep Veneers.

Adults are not the only candidates for having veneers on their front teeth. Children can benefit from no-Prep veneers when it is added to missing or decayed teeth. No-Prep veneers are minimally invasive because enamel removal is unnecessary from the dentist who leaves the tooth structure intact, and the surfaces are easily removable.

Teeth Whitening.

If you think your self-esteem and confidence receives a boost from teeth whitening, wonder what your child may feel if provided the same treatment? You can enhance your child’s self-esteem with teeth whitening to provide them the confidence essential for success. Developing mouths are challenging for young children or teenagers. You can provide them with a healthy and brighter smile and make a difference to their overall self-image.

Advances in Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is unlike earlier, when the only reason you approached a cosmetic dentist was to enhance your smile or have better-looking teeth. Currently, cosmetic dentistry includes an entire set of procedures that you never thought were possible earlier.

Presently you can have missing teeth replaced with implants or dental bridges with help from the cosmetic dentist. Crooked or misaligned teeth are treated by cosmetic dentists using clear aligners virtually invisible in your mouth. Discolored and chipped teeth are successfully hidden by cosmetic dentists using veneers or teeth whitening treatments.

The advances of cosmetic dentistry haven’t restricted themselves to adults and are also available to children. Children are susceptible to the chronic problem of tooth decay and often lose teeth when they cannot have dental implants. The flipper tooth is an excellent solution to provide children with artificial teeth looking and feeling natural. Children having crooked or misaligned teeth can also benefit from virtually invisible clear aligners if the problem affecting them is mild to moderate. However, cosmetic dentists also work with orthodontists to provide children with orthodontic braces to straighten their teeth in severe cases.

Do not be concerned if your child has an issue with their dental health and needs help to restore their teeth. Pediatric cosmetic dentists are also available to provide your child with the appropriate treatment as required for the specific condition affecting them. Therefore if your child needs cosmetic enhancements to their teeth, rest assured many treatments are available to improve their self-esteem and confidence.

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